A true passion and inspiration in every product

Meet Ula. She designs our caps, used by kids worldwide

It starts with an idea
an inspiration... poppyseed flower - simple and beautifull, delicate yet colorfull We all get inspired by many things, it could be something grand, or quite simple. At TuTu we try to convey the emotions through our designs. We do not start with the price and adjust accordingly. We start with an idea and build around it.

Which turns into a drawing ...or dozens of them

Sure it takes longer, but there's something to paint and brush which can't be recreated on computer screen. Speaking of technology - we use it ...a lot but as a tool and not as a creative medium. We like to draw, paint, experiment, mix colors, have fun and often start over.
craftsmanship... at this stage our seamstresses take over and make designer's vision take real shape.
Then we create models ...and test, test, test
It takes a lot of experience to build a product, to perfectly match the pieces, to choose right materials, to make sure it will last a long time. After we've got our prototypes made, we test them. You'd be surprised how much effort is spent making things right. When we're happy we'll give it a go ahead for production.
It all leads to this...

By creating a product as individual as our designers we're giving you something original and unique. We sincerely hope your kids will love it as much as ours do.

designed by Ula Modliborek
Authentic Tradition